My bareMinerals 5 essentials review. 

“Everything you need for a flawless, radiant completion that boosts, illuminates and protects skin whilst adding gorgeous definition and colour to the eyes and lips.”

One of my best friends really surprised me at Christmas when I opened this beauty box by bareMinerals! 💜

It was defiantly up there as one of favourite presents of the bunch… (Although I loved every present I received, I was truly spoilt last year) So much so I actually was hunting around forever for one of these for my sisters birthday as I knew she would love it just as much as me!

I’ve never used bareMinerals make-up before so I was super excited to give these product a go & I would definitely re-purchase these as full size products! 

1. 5-in-1 BB Advanced Performance Minerel Veil finishing powder SPF 20

This product is made to even out skin tone and to diffuse the appearance of fine lines and enlarged pores whilst delivering lasting hydration, protecting the skin from sun damage and environmental stressors. I’ve never used a mineral veil before & I know that at one point it was the one foundations to have in your cosmetics bag but I never felt the need to purchase one as I am a forever loyal lover of The Body Shops – All-in-one Face Base! However when I lost my liquid foundation I decided to use this as a replacement & I really liked the finish – it felt like I was wearing nothing on my face yet it covered what it needed to which is all you really need, however it just wasn’t long lasting enough for me so I have a feeling this little tub will last its duration as I’ll only ever use it as a back-up really, but that’s only because I use liquid which I feel much more comfortable in. 

2. Mini Stroke of Light Eye Brightner 

I LOVE this little stick of liquid – I will definitely re-purchase this, I’ve used it every day since Christmas and I’m nearly out.. So it’s lasted me just a little over 4 months. It really does immediately brighten the eye area and hides those dark circles whilst reducing the appearance of fine lines! You only need one swipe under each eye, gently blend for an even application and voila those dark shadows are gone. I honestly cannot stress enough how much you need one of these, this is in the colour Luminous 2 & it’s perfect for my skin tone but I know that they do a few different colours, but I would stick with this one as it’s perfect for me! 

3. Mini Flawless Defintion Mascara 

Again.. I LOVE this too – I used this everyday until it ran out. The applicator is my perfect type – a sleek wand which is fine toothed to separate and lift lashes whilst reaching those hard-to-reach corner lashes! This mascara does what it says : “Define, separate and lengthen lashes while fighting smudging, flaking and clumping with this multi-tasking mascara” Do I need to say much else apart from buy this, you’ll love it! 

4. Mini bareMinerals READY All-Over Face Color 

I LOVE this too!! This is in the colour Glee and the pigmentation is lovely – it’s definitely buildable so if you like a light pink coverage in the day and darken it at night it can do just that! I only use this for nights out or special occasions because its so nice I don’t want to waste it at a day at work so to speak… This product also has SeaNutritive Mineral Complex meaning that this silky blush delivers skin-nourishing benefits – even better! However a word of caution – after applying product to your brush give it a quick tap otherwise you’ll get covered in a lot of pink and your cheeks will look a little flushed at the first touch, although this compact features a mirror so at least you can take it on the go with you! 

5. Marvellous Moxie Lipgloss 

As I’ve said before I’m not a huge fan of lipgloss, but only because I have really long hair so the two don’t really go well. But if my hairs up and I’m rushing out the door this is definitely my go to lipgloss if I fancy something a little different! It provides a luscious, vibrant colour giving a ‘satiny-smooth’ glistening shine. The colour is Spark Plug which gives a dusty pink pearl colour which bareminerals say is the perfect finish to a natural daytime look & I totally agree! I would love to purchase some of their other colours too because even though I’m not a fan of the sticky stuff theres just  something about this which makes me want to keep on wearing it! 

All in all I guess you can say I love the entire box… I’ve really enjoyed using these little “BareBEAUTY MustHAVES” 💜

Since, I have been to the bareMinerals concession stand & had a little browse of their other products which hopefully I will get around to buying (if I ever have any spare money that is)! 

Much Love x 


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