It’s show time!

So at the back of last year my sister introduced me to Wilton Productions, she knew just as I that I needed to reach out and find something exciting & new to start bringing back a little happiness into my life… So I plucked up the courage & attended a dance rehearsal where I was thrown into a variety of numbers from different musicals that were to feature in this years show! 

At first I felt nervous & silly dancing with a number of people I didn’t know – but after some time my confidence started to build, I made new friends & I conquered my fear of singing in front of more than a mirror – but to what were a bunch of strangers, my voice was shallow my body was shakey but I stood my ground and put myself out there – for me! 

I’ve performed on stage before when I was younger but as we grow older as do our fears & every time I watched my sister on stage, me beaming with pride I always thought wow that girl has some guts to get up there and perform how she does & that I wish I could do the same … But here I am – my first show & nervous as hell! 


As I previously said in my last post, this year is going to a better year for me and by plucking up the courage to take part in performing on stage with such a wonderful group of people it has really kicked off my year to a good start & that’s a huge thanks to being introduced to what I consider as an amazing opportunity from my sister & although it’s been stressful at times – as I am not a trained dancer & it can take me longer to pick up the most simple steps I’ve also had some fun! Like I said – facing a challenge and creating my own happiness … With a little push!! 

It’s another one off show from Wilton Productions, “That’s What Wilton Call Musicals”, at the Plowright Theatre in Scunthorpe. 
The show runs every day from Tuesday, February 2 with the last show being on Saturday, February 6.

All shows begin at 7.30pm at the Plowright Theatre with tickets costing £12 each. 

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Opening night was last night and I’m putting all my nerves and mistakes behind me and my aim for the rest of this week is to have some fun and dance my heart out like no-ones watching! 

Wish me luck!!! ☘

Much love.  X


3 thoughts on “It’s show time!

      1. I know how you feel! I always get a mind blank before I go on and it makes it worse! But it all comes back to you once you get going! I hope it all went well for you! x

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