It’s show time!

So at the back of last year my sister introduced me to Wilton Productions, she knew just as I that I needed to reach out and find something exciting & new to start bringing back a little happiness into my life… So I plucked up the courage & attended a dance rehearsal where I was thrown into a variety of numbers from different musicals that were to feature in this years show! 

At first I felt nervous & silly dancing with a number of people I didn’t know – but after some time my confidence started to build, I made new friends & I conquered my fear of singing in front of more than a mirror – but to what were a bunch of strangers, my voice was shallow my body was shakey but I stood my ground and put myself out there – for me! 

I’ve performed on stage before when I was younger but as we grow older as do our fears & every time I watched my sister on stage, me beaming with pride I always thought wow that girl has some guts to get up there and perform how she does & that I wish I could do the same … But here I am – my first show & nervous as hell! 


As I previously said in my last post, this year is going to a better year for me and by plucking up the courage to take part in performing on stage with such a wonderful group of people it has really kicked off my year to a good start & that’s a huge thanks to being introduced to what I consider as an amazing opportunity from my sister & although it’s been stressful at times – as I am not a trained dancer & it can take me longer to pick up the most simple steps I’ve also had some fun! Like I said – facing a challenge and creating my own happiness … With a little push!! 

It’s another one off show from Wilton Productions, “That’s What Wilton Call Musicals”, at the Plowright Theatre in Scunthorpe. 
The show runs every day from Tuesday, February 2 with the last show being on Saturday, February 6.

All shows begin at 7.30pm at the Plowright Theatre with tickets costing £12 each. 

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Opening night was last night and I’m putting all my nerves and mistakes behind me and my aim for the rest of this week is to have some fun and dance my heart out like no-ones watching! 

Wish me luck!!! ☘

Much love.  X


Every ending is just a new beginning…

Happy New Year 2016! 

Looking back at posts over a year ago it’s just amazing how much life changes, how much you change as an individual & how your decisions and choices made can create a new path for your future that you could never have predicted for yourself. 

Last year I was wishing that 2015 was going to be a better year for me and honestly I can’t tell you if it was or it wasn’t, my life over the last few months has been completely turned upside down (but for the better)… And for the first time in a long time I have been excited about entering a new year – another chance to have more ideas, success, love, happiness & most of all to never regret! 

Everything happens for a reason. 

2016 is my year – my year to make changes, experience new things, see new places and find myself again! I’ve been in such a mundane routine for so long I feel like I’ve lost myself & forgot how to live my life – for me! 

Dont let anything hold you back. 

After all life is for living, you only get one chance… & it’s time I started to find that happiness & fun again, it’s inevitable there will be challenges along this new path I am facing head on.. But we all deserve to be happy – whether that be facing those challenges & creating it for yourself or somebody giving you that happiness is more ways than one. 

Either way we’re lucky to be in this world – but some times we get so caught up in creating a living we forget to have a life. 

Life is beautiful, it’s time to cherish what we have and make each day count & when those challenges are approaching take a leap of faith… Because who knows – that could be the path to your new found happiness, it’s already laid before your feet.. Find the courage and take your stride. 

Wishing you all a prosperous 2016! 

Much love x 

Glossybox, July 2015.

Wow . Wow . Wow

Is all I can say about this months limited edition ‘Vive La France’ beauty box…   When I opened that cute little black and white spotted packaging, underneath was the most incredible illustrated gift box I have ever seen – created by Jamie Lee whom has created designs for Chanel, Givenchy and Christian Dior! @JamieLeeReardin  – so what’s not to love already? 

This beauty box was inspired by all things French & that alone is beauty before even trying these products, I’ve always wanted to go to France and tour the beautiful city in true gossip girl style (the episode where Blair and Serena shop and find cute Parisian boys) oh la la, and I hope one day I will get to wear a cute beret and hunt the boutique shops and treat myself to some French luxuries! 

So what was the goodies you’re dying to know about? 

1.  Noxidoxi – enhancing serum base 💕 

I absolutely LOVE this serum, I use this every morning as a base before my moisturiser as it deeply hydrates my skin – not only that it has antioxidants and anti-inflammatories to protect the skin and it smells AH-MAZING!! I would happily pay the full price of £33.46 for this and once I receive some extra petty cash I will be visiting and will be trying some of their other products… I’m really into using products that are good for the deeper layers of your skin like those with antioxidants because you’ll find that after a while you’re complexion will be much clearer and brighter! Because we all love that compliment “you’re glowing” … sometimes that’s a boost in itself when you’re clinging to your 9am coffee! 

2. Lollipops – Lip balm delicieuse 

Another yummy product with again my favourite word ‘antioxidants’ – this is a perfect rich and creamy balm which soothes and softens my lips, it’s perfect for a morning when i don’t fancy lipstick clinging to chapped lips on a full day in the office, it tastes yummy too… Not that I paste it on to lick it off or anything, promise! He he. A cute buy for the savvy lip balm lover but not something I would run out of quickly because I am a lipstick lover – but it’s nice on the odd day to have a more natural product like this. 

3. Teoxane Cosmeceuticals – Perfect Skin Refiner 💕

I absolutely LOVE this too! This little beauty has hyaluronic acid which helps to plump and hydrate skin with calming ingredients to reduce irritation – I use this every 2/3 nights before I go to sleep and it soaks into skin beautifully and smells great too, and trust me with the stress I’m dealing with lately I need a little beauty like this to calm my skin fro, the daily stress – keep those wrinkles at bay girlies & get yourself a good night cream! Adult life.. Who asked for one? Bring back my barbies! 

4. Yves Rocher – Comme une evidence Eau De Parfum 💕

Okay so i haven’t actually worn this yet – only because with it being a sample of the scent you have to tip the bottle and dab it onto the skin & I really hate that wet dribbling sensation down my neck – cringe! BUT it’s pink and it’s smells divine! It’s your typical ‘quintessential French musky floral scent’ with notes of violet leaves, rose, lily of the valley and patchouli! I know? Who’d thought all that would fit in a tiny bottle! Haha… It’s seriously nice though I just have to find a method to apply! 

5. Glossybox – Exclusive Travel Pouch 💕

Okay so in the past I’ve grudged Glossybox own products because I’ve felt cheated – however this travel pouch was just what I needed! This pouch featured the same beautiful artwork as the box itself by fashion illustrator Jamie Lee Reardin, it features a zip lock to keep all my makeup secure and is the perfect size! One happy lady. 

So THANK YOU Glossybox and Jamie Lee for what I think is the best beauty box I’ve received so far! 

Mademoiselle Rachael! 

Much love x 

Beautiful nails full-time. 

I finally took the plunge to go and get myself a full set of nails after weeks of admiring my colleagues (as pretty much most of the team are female). 

As a part of a front of house team I felt it was time to upgrade my nails seeing as my working hours are so long I just don’t have the time to spend on them like I used too which is a real shame because I have such a large polish collection with some beautiful colours – (lightbulb) inspo for a new blog post & like I’ve mentioned in my previous posts if I don’t keep on top of my nails they snap with the tiniest nudge! 

I walked into the nail salon where I was greeted and I asked for a full set and was seated immidetely which is great as I have waited for a long time in the past – I’m talking school days 15/16 years old when I used to get my nails done religiously, so I’m not entirely new to the ‘fakey daves’ but it’s certainly been a few years that I’d forgotten what it was I had to ask for!

She was so lovely and careful with my delicate little hands and super quick too! I’m not going to go through the process as pretty much every female now has a set of gorgeous nails and let’s be honest the majority are fake & if you have beautiful long nails which are your own well done you, you’re lucky to be one of them as I know that these new nails of mine will need a 3/4 week upkeep which comes at a cost! 

Anyway I’ve had them done for 5 days now and as I thought I’m getting pretty used to them and there’s nothing that I’m really struggling with and I’ve passed that stage now where you constantly stare at your new nails like you’ve never seen them before! Hahaha. 

I decided to opt for an ‘almond’ shape to give them a realistic look and I also went for gelish instead of polish as like I said – I just don’t have the time to sit waiting for paint to dry! I have had gelish before but it was about 2 years ago now so I know that it lasts and has a beautiful high shine & what was brilliant is that the polish I loved actually came in the same colour in gelish so I was pleased as I wanted something quite bright and girly for this nice summer weather! 

I wish I had taken a before photo but to be honest I probably would have been a little embarrassed to share it with you, but here’s how they look now  : 


 As you can see I haven’t gone for a silly length as I know they will grow out in a few weeks time when I’ll be ready to go back into the salon for in fills & I thought it would be a good way to ease me back into having nails again! The pictures really don’t do them justice – I’m really happy with my new nails even though they’re not my own, but no-one will know that right? 😏

Do you recommend a gelish polish colour for my next visit? 

Leave me a comment.💜

Much love x 

Glossybox, June 2015.

The Festival Edit. 


Say hello to my cat Luna! Meow.. 🐈 she was very interested in this months glossybox & I can see why – apart from 1 product I really liked this months box! Keep it up Glossybox… 

1. MONU Spa – Rosewood Reviving Mist 💕 (full size product) 

Full size £11.95 

This cute little bottle offers a skin pick-me-up & although I haven’t used this yet it’s supposed to revive dull, stressed or flushed skin combined with essential oils to hydrate! Can’t wait to use this… As a matter of a fact I’m feeling a little flushed right now so I’m going to go give it a try… 1 minute. Okay I’m back, it is refreshing – smells lovely, nice even light spritz & bonus it even fix’s make up, sounds like this little beauty might be one of my night out essentials. 

2. Glossybox – Flash Tattoos (full size product) 

Full size £6.50 

What? Really? Why? – this is just not acceptable as a product in the box & I can’t believe Glossybox thought it was okay to do so. They claim them to be “exclusive faux tattoos” ahem! Why is that then…. because they’re created by Glossybox and can’t be bought.. That doesn’t make them exclusive it makes it a back up & I certainly don’t see any “A-listers” wearing them either like they claim. They don’t even go all the way around the wrist or ankle! RUBBISH! 

3. Halo – Fragrance Free Facial Wipes 💕 

Travel size £1.20

I’ve used Halo products before so I was familiar with the brand! As this is travel size they are so perfect for my bag for a quick refresh when I’m out an about – although I have been using these for when I’m too tired to remove my make-up it’s a quick wipe & bed! Sensitive for the skin & removes make-up well without being scratchy. 

4. Kueshi – Anticellulite Booster 💕 (full size product)

Full size £14.55

I haven’t used this yet – only because I’m really not one for lathering my skin up full of cream when I jump out the bath that’s why I still have 10 body butters from The Body Shop untouched! This product however claims to be lightweight and hard-hitting full of natural ingredients and antioxidants to stimulate blood circulation in turn toning skin and fighting off dimples! Sounds like heaven right? Maybe I should start using this twice a day to get those envious summer pins all us girls admire over the season! 

5. Essence – The Gel Nail Polish 💕 (full size product) 

Full size £1.71 

Again.. Who doesn’t love a good nail polish & the bonus is I totally love the colour I received! It’s a really nice fuchsia pink – the formula is supposedly long lasting, I have to admit this is my actually first “gel” like nail polish, so in interested to see what it’s like and if it really does live up to the marketing image!  

💕 : I’d rate this box 4/5 products liked! It was just those tattoos… Maybe I’m being too judgemental on the effectiveness of the product, but I’d love to hear your thoughts! 

Much love x 

Glossybox, May 2015.



Well if you all read my April Glossybox post you’ll know already that it was a little bit of a let down & so I was hoping this months was going to be better… Which it was, but? 

1. MeMeMe – Enchanted Eyes Dual Ended Eye Wand (Full size product)


First of all – really? It’s blue. I don’t care how ‘on trend’ they claim the colour is this season… It just reminds me of the 90’s and will always be dated… Yes it looks amazing in the magazines on models for the upcoming summer clothing campaigns but it’s just NOT a colour you would see somebody in the street wearing. For me this was just a big fat no. 

2. Etre Belle – Aloe Vera Ultra Moisturing Gel 💕 (Full size product)

Full size £15.93 

I really like this! Apart from the fragrance, another product that smells like little old ladies. 🙈 but it does give you that ‘instant rescue’ feeling hydrating skin & who doesn’t love Aloe Vera? I don’t use much and I would probably grudge paying £15 for such a small tube but it’s nice to put on before I go to sleep so I wake up with a reviving complexion! 

3. Zerreau – Towel Off Shampoo Foam 

Full size £7.95 

My question is – did they even test this before they decided to actually consider this as the “next generation of dry shampoo”! No it is not… Yes the apple scent was beautttt! However it does not gently cleanse hair & it does not leave your hair silky soft and fresh. As a matter it made it much worse… It made my hair look wet / greasy, it did not towel dry, it did not blow dry & my hair felt so slimy! I even used it a second time just to give it another go & I still hated it. Batiste all the way.. Sorry. 

4. SASS – Intimaer Perfect Skin Concentrate 💕 


I really liked the packaging of this product & the tube it self is lovely too so I was excited to open this, it’s supposedly the perfect treat post wax / shave by soothing skin whilst reducing hair re growth. I like the idea of the product but the formula itself doesn’t smell of anything and it left my skin feeling quite tacky for some time, I think if it soaked in quicker it would be okay. I’m unsure if I like or not, not something I would normally buy but it’s nice to try it for that reason. 

5. Collection Cosmetics – Field Day Lipstick 💕 (Full size product) 


Who doesn’t love a lippie? Well a lippie that goods that is… I love pastel colours – just not on me. My skin can look dirty (not physically dirty though haha) so I feel that this very pastel pink doesn’t suit me, I’m more of a red kinda gal! Though it has a lovely matte finish which if you know me – is my favourite kind of finish! Doesn’t mean I will kick it out of my collection though, I’m sure one day I’ll have a use for this colour! 

💕 : I’d probably give this box a 3/5 products liked rating – I’m going to start giving my ratings on these boxes.. I want to be able to evaluate how many products I like over the ones I don’t. 

Once again – with a busy life this post is a month over due (along with many others) but I have some wedding exclusives to make up for it coming soon, so keep your eye out. 

Much love x 


My bareMinerals 5 essentials review. 

“Everything you need for a flawless, radiant completion that boosts, illuminates and protects skin whilst adding gorgeous definition and colour to the eyes and lips.”

One of my best friends really surprised me at Christmas when I opened this beauty box by bareMinerals! 💜

It was defiantly up there as one of favourite presents of the bunch… (Although I loved every present I received, I was truly spoilt last year) So much so I actually was hunting around forever for one of these for my sisters birthday as I knew she would love it just as much as me!

I’ve never used bareMinerals make-up before so I was super excited to give these product a go & I would definitely re-purchase these as full size products! 

1. 5-in-1 BB Advanced Performance Minerel Veil finishing powder SPF 20

This product is made to even out skin tone and to diffuse the appearance of fine lines and enlarged pores whilst delivering lasting hydration, protecting the skin from sun damage and environmental stressors. I’ve never used a mineral veil before & I know that at one point it was the one foundations to have in your cosmetics bag but I never felt the need to purchase one as I am a forever loyal lover of The Body Shops – All-in-one Face Base! However when I lost my liquid foundation I decided to use this as a replacement & I really liked the finish – it felt like I was wearing nothing on my face yet it covered what it needed to which is all you really need, however it just wasn’t long lasting enough for me so I have a feeling this little tub will last its duration as I’ll only ever use it as a back-up really, but that’s only because I use liquid which I feel much more comfortable in. 

2. Mini Stroke of Light Eye Brightner 

I LOVE this little stick of liquid – I will definitely re-purchase this, I’ve used it every day since Christmas and I’m nearly out.. So it’s lasted me just a little over 4 months. It really does immediately brighten the eye area and hides those dark circles whilst reducing the appearance of fine lines! You only need one swipe under each eye, gently blend for an even application and voila those dark shadows are gone. I honestly cannot stress enough how much you need one of these, this is in the colour Luminous 2 & it’s perfect for my skin tone but I know that they do a few different colours, but I would stick with this one as it’s perfect for me! 

3. Mini Flawless Defintion Mascara 

Again.. I LOVE this too – I used this everyday until it ran out. The applicator is my perfect type – a sleek wand which is fine toothed to separate and lift lashes whilst reaching those hard-to-reach corner lashes! This mascara does what it says : “Define, separate and lengthen lashes while fighting smudging, flaking and clumping with this multi-tasking mascara” Do I need to say much else apart from buy this, you’ll love it! 

4. Mini bareMinerals READY All-Over Face Color 

I LOVE this too!! This is in the colour Glee and the pigmentation is lovely – it’s definitely buildable so if you like a light pink coverage in the day and darken it at night it can do just that! I only use this for nights out or special occasions because its so nice I don’t want to waste it at a day at work so to speak… This product also has SeaNutritive Mineral Complex meaning that this silky blush delivers skin-nourishing benefits – even better! However a word of caution – after applying product to your brush give it a quick tap otherwise you’ll get covered in a lot of pink and your cheeks will look a little flushed at the first touch, although this compact features a mirror so at least you can take it on the go with you! 

5. Marvellous Moxie Lipgloss 

As I’ve said before I’m not a huge fan of lipgloss, but only because I have really long hair so the two don’t really go well. But if my hairs up and I’m rushing out the door this is definitely my go to lipgloss if I fancy something a little different! It provides a luscious, vibrant colour giving a ‘satiny-smooth’ glistening shine. The colour is Spark Plug which gives a dusty pink pearl colour which bareminerals say is the perfect finish to a natural daytime look & I totally agree! I would love to purchase some of their other colours too because even though I’m not a fan of the sticky stuff theres just  something about this which makes me want to keep on wearing it! 

All in all I guess you can say I love the entire box… I’ve really enjoyed using these little “BareBEAUTY MustHAVES” 💜

Since, I have been to the bareMinerals concession stand & had a little browse of their other products which hopefully I will get around to buying (if I ever have any spare money that is)! 

Much Love x